Serena Causo


Serena Causo main interests are Roman History and Greek papyrology. Serena received her Masters in Classics from the University of Salento in 2016 with the thesis “Ricerche sulle proprietà imperiali nell’Egitto Romano: le οὐσίαιwhich focused on the socio-economic role of the Julio-Claudian ousiai, a category of landholdings known from papyri, related to the imperial family and its circles. In 2017, she worked as a research assistant at the Papyrological Institute of Leiden, compiling the XIV volume of the Berichtigungsliste. She was awarded a Startstipendium at the Institute of Ancient History at the Department of Classical Civilizations for the 2017-2018 academic year.

She is currently developing a PhD research project on the changes of the irrigation system in Egypt during the Third Century under the supervision of Prof. Sabine Huebner. The project aims at investigating the reasons for the debasement and the extent to which changes in the irrigation system had an impact on the life and the economy of third century Egypt. Climate changes and diffusion of pandemic disease (i.e. the Plague of Cyprian) along with human negligence could potentially be held responsible for the aforementioned change. The subproject seeks to advance the frontier of the traditional historical research and make use of the most innovative scientific data available, taking into account different types of data from papyrology, archaeology, climatology, geology, and hydraulic engineering.  The study on changes in the Egyptian hydraulic system are particularly promising thanks to the unparalleled evidence available and it can furthermore serve as a model of human intervention on the landscape and the environment.

Since February 2018 Serena Causo is a research member in the interdisciplinary project on the edition of the Basel papyrus collection directed by Sabine Huebner and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation where she is working on the edition of several Greek papyri.